Magento Geeks – exclusive special offer for SMBs

The resources and costs for implementing you own eCommerce site on the Magento Platform need not be prohibitive anymore. At Magento Geeks we are offering you a flexible and cost-effective way to implement your own world class eCommerce site.

For only £99 per month you can have your Magento site ready for business online. With a dedicated and expert team of Magento enthusiasts at your call, you now have access to world leading technology solution for a very affordable price.

The Magento advantage

Studies show Magento having a leading share among eCommerce platforms globally. This is due to a range of features and flexibility that Magento provides. Customers can also vail themselves of modules including promotions and marketing, customer management, catalogue and product management and delivery systems.

The Magento Geeks advantage

A team of Digital enthusiasts who focus on Magento to provide the most comprehensive eCommerce solutions to customers worldwide. With experts in almost all aspect of Digital solutions particularly eCommerce, Magento Geeks is today positioned as a solutions provider of choice for businesses foraying into the online world.


  • Rich features and inbuilt modules
  • Easy integration of leading apps
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Dedicated analytic modules
  • Customer management and personalisation
  • Catalogue and Product management
  • Order management and communications
  • Secure and reliable