Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Management

When businesses want immediate traffic and visits to their website the Pay-Per-Clicks a have tremendous scope. Unlike SEO and Social Media Mmarketing where a measured and long term approach is needed, PPC can deliver immediate results. Based on careful analysis of keywords/key phrases, target market and campaigns Magento Geeks can help you maximise returns with the most relevant campaigns.
If carefully managed PPC campaigns have the capacity to deliver immediate results. On the other hand without careful consideration PPC can result in huge expenditure without any tangible returns. We have expertise in managing PPC campaigns at every stage based on industry environment, customer segmentation and campaigns.
What we do with PPC

PPC Package

  • Evaluate industry sector, competitors and business USP
  • Keyword/Key phrase intelligence
  • Campaign and Account Management
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • PPC optimisation